About Us

The Factory is a place where modern and retro meet. In the 1960s, the space was a manufacturing floor, and as operations moved to China, it became obsolete. Traditionally an industrial area, San Po Kong is redeveloping with creative zones popping up in all corners, and The Factory is the latest installment.

The Factory Man
Since 1960, the Factory Man has built up his Bakelite business to become a successful hair care appliance manufacturer for international markets. He is ready to retire and needs a place to put his feet up. Time to convert the former manufacturing space to become his playground.

Factory Girl 

She is the next generation for The Factory, providing a place where friends gather to cook, where artists gather to create. Her vision for The Factory stems from her experience in producing theater, her love of cooking and her passion in enjoying life to its fullest.



Factory Sister

Originally from the USA, she is a mother of two children and comes from an advertising background. In actuality, she is a big kid with a huge heart and a penchant for baking and entertaining. She loves throwing themed birthday parties for kids and handles marketing for The Factory.